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General Terms & Conditions

Off Roads Travel is shortly referred to as “Off Roads”.

“Travellers” are those travellers who intent on booking a Tour via Off Roads.

“Tours” are the set of activities operated by the partner Tour Operators.

“Tour Operators” are those travel agencies who operate Tours and have allowed Off Roads to feature them on the ‘offroadstravel’ website.


Off Roads is merely functioning as a commercial agent for the partner Tour Operators. Off Roads is solely the intermediary between the Travellers and the Tour Operators. Off Roads provides a website where Tour Operators can take the advantage of an extra marketing strategy. Off Roads does not operate the Tours themselves and does not take any responsibility on the events that occur during the Tours provided by the partner Tour Operators. Off Roads’ accountabilities are limited to being the mediator between the Travellers and the Tour Operators. Off Roads does not have control over what is provided or offered by the Tour Operators.

When you book a Tour via Off Roads you agree that Off Roads is not responsible or liable to the events that occur during the Tours. To make a booking via Off Roads, Travellers must be 18 years or older. When you book a Tour via Off Roads you agree that you are aged 18 years or older.

Off Roads strictly protects the data of customers and does not share the data with third parties. Off Roads only shares the relevant customer information with the relevant Tour Operator.


Bookings of the Tours are handled by Off Roads and serves as the intermediary during bookings. Travellers contact Off Roads directly regarding a booking. Off Roads is responsible to confirm the booking and the availability of the Tour via the Tour Operator. The Tour Operator is responsible to provide all relevant information about the Tour to Off Roads so that the Travellers can be informed accurately.

The booking is utterly confirmed when the Tour Operator confirms the Tours availability, and the Traveller has made the 25% deposit payment to Off Roads. Once the availability and the payment are confirmed by Off Roads, the Traveller will receive a confirmation email summarising the confirmed booking. Off Roads is then responsible to brief the Tour Operator about the Travellers confirmation and arrival.


Travellers pay 30% of the total price directly to Off Roads as a deposit to confirm the booking. The remaining 70% is due to be paid at location directly to the Tour Operator (Ney Eco Adventures, unless another method is agreed with the Tour Operator).

Bank Fees

Some banks and credits card companies impose fees for international transactions or, if your bank account is not in the right currency, conversion fees. If your bank does this, the amount on your bank statement may differ from the actual booking fee presented on the Off Roads website. Off Roads is not responsible for these payments. If you have questions regarding these fees applied by your bank, please contact your bank.

Travelling to your Destination

Planning the arrival to the location of the Tour is solely the Traveller’s responsibility. All Travellers are responsible to make sure their travel documents, visas, entry fees, taxes, etc. are up to date. Please note that if these are not completed as wanted by the local government authorities, countries may refuse your entry into the country. In this case, Off Roads and the partner Tour Operators do not hold any responsibility for your refusal to enter the destination country.


Off Roads is not responsible for any health implications which happen on the journey. Travellers are responsible themselves to ensure their insurance is covered in the destination country (Brazil).

Cancellations & Refunds

If the Traveller is not able to be present at the Tour, they have the right to cancel the booking. If the cancellation is made 2 (two) weeks before the Tour start date, Travellers receive the right to obtain their deposit payment back. The deposit is only refunded back in full amount if no pre-payments (such as accommodation) has been made by the Tour Operator. If such pre-payments have been made, the pre-payment amount is deducted from the deposit and the remaining amount is refunded to the Traveller.

If the booking is cancelled at a time less than 2 (two) weeks before the Tour start date, Travellers do not have the right to obtain their deposit payment back.


All material and content on the website, including, but not limited to, images, text, audio clips, and video clips, are protected by intellectual property rights (“Intellectual Property”). The Intellectual Property is owned or controlled by Off Roads or other parties that have licensed the right of usage of their Intellectual Property or the right to market their products and/or services. If you would like to post, upload, publish any of the content on the website, please contact us to receive these rights.

With the affiliation agreement between Off Roads and the partner Tour Operator, Off Roads receives the right to use the content on the Tour Operators’ website, to ensure that Off Roads can effectively and accurately market their Tours to new Travellers. Off Roads does not claim any ownership rights of any content. When the Tour Operator provides Off Roads with content, the Tour Operator is responsible to ensure that the files do not contain any viruses, Trojan horses, or any type of infected files. Tour Operators are responsible to provide all required content about their Tours to Off Roads to accurately inform Travellers.

If Off Roads experiences activities and/or series of events which harm the website or business, Off Roads has the right, at any time, to remove content of Tours from the website without prior notice.

Privacy Statement

We collect data about our customers with Google Analytics. This includes the amount of pages visited, computer settings, like IP address and browser version  and referral websites. The browser of the user provides and supplies this information automatically. We do this to understand our clients and their behaviour on the website better, to be able to provide better jungle tours. We keep this data only to our company and only use it on an aggregate level. If you place an order on the website of Off Roads Travel, we store your data in our CRM system to contact you in the future. 


Off Roads Travel uses cookies to provide the best jungle tours we can possibly provide. These cookies are small files that browsers stores on the hard disk of the computer. Because of the cookies a website understands if a user already visited the website before and this allows us to better understand our clients and offer a better user experience. By using our website you agree with the policies we offer with regard to our data management and acquisition. 

Supplying data to third parties


Off Roads Travel does never share the saved data to third parties. 



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