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Locations: Rio Urubu

€250 / $250

Discover the Amazon Rainforest with these 3 or more day Amazon tours Manaus. In these days you do various activities such as jungle treks, piranha fishing, cayman spotting, boat tours and you can spend the night in a camp in the Amazon Rainforest.

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€425 / $425

Discover all the Wonders of the Amazon Rainforest with these 4 or more day Amazonia tours. In addition to jungle treks, cayman spotting, piranha fishing and staying overnight in a camp, this tour also gives you an additional day in another area close to Manaus where you go swimming with pink river dolphins and see the Meeting of the Waters.

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€600 / $600

Explore the Amazon River by kayak with these 4 or more day Amazon tours Manaus. You will start in Manaus and find new activities and locations every day such as the magical waterfalls at Presidente Figueiredo.

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Are you a content creator and do you like to travel to unreachable places to share with your followers? We love working with content creators from all over the world who can help us with our mission to show everyone the beauty of the Amazon rainforest during our Amazon tours from Manaus.

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Locations: Rio Urubu

€450 / $450

Sleep and survive in the jungle with these 4 or more day Amazon tours from Manaus. Every day you do surprising excursions and you will learn basic survival techniques such as making a camp, which medicinal plants to use and everything about animal life in the jungle.

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Welcome to Off Roads Travel, your gateway to unforgettable tours in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

If you dream to discover the beauty and mystery of the Amazon Rainforest, an Amazon jungle tour from Manaus with a native guide for whom the jungle has always been home, is the best choice for you. Due to our expertise we offer the most authentic Amazon Rainforest Tours to get to know the Amazonia area.

At Off Roads Travel, we are passionate about showcasing the untamed beauty of the Amazon Rainforest through our carefully crafted jungle tours. Step into this pristine wilderness and immerse yourself in its diverse landscapes, ancient secrets, and vibrant ecosystems.

Our jungle tours are designed to cater to all types of adventurers. If you're a nature enthusiast, get ready to witness the mesmerizing dance of colorful birds, encounter elusive wildlife, and explore the lush greenery that stretches as far as the eye can see. Trek through enchanting trails, surrounded by towering trees and the symphony of nature's orchestra.


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More than 20 years of experience

Tours to all top locations in the Amazon Rainforest

Veronika L
Veronika L
The best adventure of my life I live for an adventure travel and this trip ticked all my boxes. It was one of the best trips in my life. We kayaked and trekked deep in the Amazon jungle. It was just the two of us with two guides and we did not come across any other tourists. It was very special. The guides were excellent and worked extremely hard to satisfy all our requests. They were friendly and fun and made our trip truly memorable.
I was worried about sleeping in hammocks but had the best sleep ever. I was also worried about the jungle food but it was all very delicious, especially the fruits and fish. We never went starving.

The only thing I didn't have and I wish I did, was a portable water filter. While we had lots of filtered water during the kayaking part of our trip, we could not carry enough water for the trekking/survival part of the tour and drank water from jungle streams.

The packing list they provided was great but these are the things I would add if you are doing an adventurous tour like I did:
- portable water filter
- a microfibre towel from Kathmandu or similar
- Solar power bank to charge devices
- Chocolates and sweet snacks if you have a sweet tooth
- Waterproof backpacks or large dry bags to put all your stuff in while kayaking
- favourite herbs and spices for bush cooking

Luis R
Luis R
Mesmerizing This was an experience of a lifetime. Everyday was an adventure. The jungle hikes and camp outs where incredible. Canoeing through dense foliage to the open waters of the Amazon river was beautiful and exciting. Most of all, we felt safe. Our guide and the the rest of the staff treated everyone with kindness and love.
Lucy Curl
Lucy Curl
The best Amazon experience We had a fantastic 3 day trip out to the Amazon Rainforest. The accomodation is fantastic considering how remote it is. The bed is comfortable and you get your own bathroom. The best part is there are no mosquitoes due to the acidity of the water.
The guides are all extremely friendly, profesional and knowledgeable. We loved learning about the wildlife during our boat tours and walks through the forest. It was a special experience to visit a local family and learn about their life in the Amazon. Despite being rainy season, the guides ensured we still participated in all the activities.

The food served is really delicious. It can be hard to find vegetarian food in Brazil, yet on this tour we were treated to a range of tasty dishes for every meal.

I would definitely recommend this company!
Jeremy t
Jeremy t
Amazon for everyone Best place for discover the Amazon. The guides are very patient and nice. All the tour is carefully organize and I haven’t feel scared at any moment. They don’t have mosquitos because of the river acidity. I can only recommend that trip.
Super authentic jungle experience - highly recommended! We did other tours in Manaus during our stay besides the 3 days Amazon Discover tour - this was by far the best tour!!! If you want to get to know the authentic, wild jungle, this is exactly the right trip. Away from other trouristic activities offered in and around Manaus. It is especially exciting to learn about the traditions and listen to the stories of Ney's family.
Of course, Ney and his family live in a much more modern way now, but you notice every moment that they want to live on and pass on their culture. They protect their land and live very consciously with nature.
The activities were super exciting, eventful and sometimes very adventurous. On the first day, after a delicious lunch, we went into the jungle and set up our camp for the first night, sleeping in hammocks under mosquito nets. We were allowed to chop our own firewood with a machete, Ney's brother (our guide) then helped us with the campfire. We also had a very tasty dinner and breakfast in the jungle! On the way back to camp, our guide told us a lot about the use and benefits of the plants and we even spotted monkeys and a tarantula! The next night we spent the night in the camp. There were 7 other visitors with us, but there were only ever five of us in one group. Each couple had their own small room with shower and bathroom. During the next days we went out by boat to see the sunset as well as the sunrise. We also went piranha fishing and cayman spotting and we also visited an indigenous family. There was always enough food, water could be filled up at any time and there were even other drinks to buy there.
Overall, we had a super eventful trip, in a small group, away from the touristic activities. The two guides (Ney and his brother) deserve special mention - always friendly and courteous and always ready with an impressive story. Besides, it is also very practical that the pick up from the airport is already included in the price. We would definitely recommend the trip. It was the highlight of our entire trip! Thank you Ney and family!
Jovian C
Jovian C
Unforgettable Jungle Tour Ney was such a great tour guide, and the food was amazing! I found my love for the Tambaqui fish, and fresh juices everyday. The lodge was well equipped and staff onsite was accomodating. You really feel immersed in nature and learning more about the indigenous, wildlife, and medicinal plants was all so interesting. Would highly recommend for your first Amazon tour - I'm glad I picked this one over a cruise! 🙂
william S
william S
A wonderful experience in the Amazon The survival training and trekking in the Amazon was a highlight that I will always be grateful for and will never forget. Marcos was my guide and he did an excellent job. I have no complaints, and it went smooth from start to finish. I advise if you’re thinking about going to the Amazon go with this company because you will have a wonderful time.
Sean H
Sean H
Amazon trip of a lifetime Ney and his team provide a truly unique experience. This is packed with sleeping in the jungle, piranha fishing, exploring the amazon by boat in floating forests and eating some local fish and other dishes. There is also the opportunity to see some amazing views in nature, be these the extensive wildlife or the stunning sunsets and the Milky Way on clear nights. The river gives you a very unique Amazon perspective.
Ney and his team have been hit hard by the pandemic but are building this amazing business up again and I hope it goes from strength to strength in the future. All I can say is that I will certainly be back to see the progress in the future. It will also be top of my list of must do things for any friends looking to explore Brazil.
Rutger V
Rutger V
Amazonetour Alles was top geregeld. We werden op tijd opgehaald bij het vliegveld en de dag erna bij ons hotel. Het was een fantastische tour met goede gidsen!
Great Jungle Tour We had a wonderful Tour in the Jungle. The program was as described beforehand. It was a great experience with a guide that can call the jungle his home and also showed the life of the local people along the river Urubu. We were lucky to spot several animals like dolphins during the boat trip, monkeys, different birds, caiman, … in the jungle, just to name a few. The local food in the lodge was great with an option to have fish or meat. We were also allowed to try the machete and help build a new table for the camp.


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Off Roads Travel is specialised in Manaus tours to the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest tours are organized by native guides who grew up in the Amazon rainforest themselves and know everything about the area. During the Manaus tours you will hike or sail through the Amazon river with one of our guides. You will discover the beautiful vegetation and the many animals of the Amazon rainforest.


Embark on an immersive adventure in the Amazon Rainforest with Off Roads Travel. Discover vibrant wildlife, ancient trails, and hidden waterfalls. Immerse yourself in indigenous cultures, navigate rivers, encounter unique creatures, and learn about medicinal plants. With us, explore the wonders of the Amazon Rainforest in a memorable journey.


Transport from and to hotel / airport / different location

Experienced local jungle guides

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Activities in the jungle

Overnight stays


We offer our Amazon Rainforest tours in areas from 50km to 200 km from Manaus. The area 50 km from Manaus is the Rio Negro area where from many day tours are also organized, but our specialty is the Amazon Rainforest tours in the area around the Rio Urubu river. To get here we first travel a total of 4,5 hours to our Amazon jungle lodge. This is done by boat and bus.


Our team of experienced and passionate tour guides in the Amazon Rainforest is at the heart of every tour. They possess in-depth knowledge of the destinations and are eager to share their expertise, stories, and insights with you. From wildlife enthusiasts to thrill seekers, our guides cater to a wide range of interests, ensuring that you have a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Native Amazonian guide
+20 years experience
Off Roads Travel


Our Rio Urubu lodges are located in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest and about a 5 hour journey from Manaus. Our lodges are designed in such a way that they have all the comfort you need but still simple and natural for the real off road experience.



Our tours take place in different locations. We have chosen these locations because they are all unique and all have their own characteristic features. Here is a short explanation about the locations and the tours that go with them.






Off Roads Travel is specialised in full service Amazon tours in from Manaus. We are a daughter company from Ney Eco Adventures. That is why we work with guides who have more than 20 years of experience and have already shown hundreds of people the beauties of the Amazon Rainforest.

We do not focus on offering the cheapest or most luxurious Amazon Rainforest tours from Manaus, but on simply offering an authentic Amazon tour experience at a fair price.

We cater destinations that fit your adventurous and courageous spirit. Our goal is to encourage people to be more in contact with the internal and external nature and enable everyone to enjoy an outdoor leisure time in places where most people won’t go.

Completely cut off from the outside world, you will discover how special it is to become completely one with nature and your surroundings again. The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most unique places in the world and the best way to realise this is to experience it for yourself with the Amazon tours from Manaus from Off Roads Travel

We operate as an intermediary between you and our partner tour operators. We work to bring great minds together.


With our Amazon Brazil tours we focus on the real undiscovered areas in the Amazon Rainforest for the real Off Roads Travel experience.


We prefer the personal experience by keeping our groups small. That's why the maximum size is 6 people for the real personal experience.


Our guides were born and raised in the Amazon and have been showing travelers the beauty of the Amazon for over 20 years.


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