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  • Activities: Kayaking through the Amazon jungle, big jungle hikes, cave exploration, visiting waterfalls.
  • Location: Rio Urubu, Presidente Figueiredo, Amazon
  • Lodging: hammock in the jungle or house locals
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Price: US$ 675 / € 600 per person
  • Includes: Experienced jungle guide, all meals, mineral water, all excursions, transport to/from tour and airport transfer
  • Guarantee: Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied


In the beginning you will be instructed how to handle your kayak safely and effectively and then we are ready to go. Another boat takes the necessary supplies and gear with us. However, you can also catch your own meal if you want to. The nature along the route is amazing and because you’re in a canoe that makes almost no noise, you will have a good chance to see some amazing Amazon animals up close.

The waters of the Amazon are quite easy to navigate, because the altitude differences in the rain forest are modest in general. This makes the jungle tour very well doable for less experienced kayakers. Besides that, a motorized vessel with our guide is  always closeby in case something would happen. Before you depart, you will receive an instruction how to handle your kayak effectively.

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You sleep in the jungle while you are on the trip and occasionally sleep in a house of local resident. Sleeping in the Amazon is a great experience, because you hear a lot of surprising noises of animals that are active during the night. If you are lucky, you meet species you have never ever seen before. The water level of the Amazon rivers varies a lot depending on the season and therefore most houses have multiple stairs to go from the waterfront to the house.


You will start the kayak trip 125 km north of Manaus in the place Presidente Figueiredo. This place is best known for it waterfalls. On this tour you are able to take cold waterfall showers. On the first day you will start your 4 or 5 day trip to the village of Lindoia. 


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You depart the first day from your hotel in Manaus or straight from the airport by bus to Figueiredo. The bus is a comfortable long-distance bus with air-conditioning. We will arrange all the equipment. A small motor boat carries all the supplies and luggage during the trip. This includes food and drinks, hammocks, musquito nets and technical equipment. 


Kayaking in the middle of the Amazon gives you a sense of freedom. When you do it you kayak in one of the most beautfiul eco-systems in the world! The Amazon is home to famous animals like jaguars, kaymans, sloths, piranhas and toucans, but also to a large number of special animals that live solely in the Brasilian rainforest. The Amazon hosts an enormous diversity of plants and trees and if you canoe down the river you can really have a good look at them. Our experienced jungle guide tells you everything about them and points out plants that are used for medical purposes.

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