Our lodge Pousada Ecolรณgica do Rio Urubu is located on the Rio Urubu River. The Rio Urubu is a river that is further from Manaus than, for example, the Rio Negro. Our lodge is 200 km from the major city of Manaus and is a black water river. The Rio Urubu is a tributary of the Amazon River. 

A funny fact about our lodge Pousada Ecolรณgica do Rio Urubu is that it is almost completely free of mosquitoes. Due to the acidity of the Rio Urubu, there are no mosquitoes in this area. This is very nice while accomplishing one of the trips in the jungle area. Activities that can be done in this area are: canoeing, survival tours, jungle hikes, caiman spotting at night, piranha fishing, wildlife spotting, camping in the middle of the jungle and more. 

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The area along the Rio Urubu River is recognizable by its vegetation. The Buruti palm is a common phenomenon in this area. The trees in this area can sometimes reach up to 35 meters in height. The area is one of the areas with the most diverse tree species in the world. One of the beautiful sights in this area are the many swamps. Due to the constant changes in water levels, the Rio Urubu floods the surrounding areas next to the river. This creates beautiful fairytale scenes.


In addition, the area is rich in animals; dolphins, piranhas, monkeys, anteaters, jaguars, caimans, capybaras, tapirs, tropical birds and many other animals that inhabit this area. In this part of the jungle one can speak of absolute jungle silence. In most areas around Manaus, the animals and plants have often become accustomed to feeding or the presence of people. This is not the case around the Rio Urubu River, which is why you get to see wildlife in a way it has existed for thousands of years. Only the pink river dolphin occasionally shows itself above the water surface when the guides from Off Roads Travel whistle high-pitched tones from a boat on the Rio Urubu River.