Amazon Survival Tour

Building camp in the Amazon Jungle


This Amazon survival tour is for very adventurous people. This is the toughest tour we offer and is not for everyone. While on survival tour you will navigate through the Amazon Rainforest with an own guide. Our guide will tell you everything about the Amazon while hiking through it. You will hunt with a blowpipe and fish for your food. Besides that you will create your own shelter to sleep in at night.

  • Activities: Fishing, hunting with a blowpipe, make fire in the Amazon, create a shelter, hiking through the Rainforest
  • Location: Amazon near Manaus
  • Lodging: Making own made camps in the Amazon
  • Duration: 4 or 5 days
  • Price: US$ 540 / € 480 per person
  • Includes: Experienced jungle guide, all meals, mineral water, all excursions, transport to/from tour and airport transfer
  • Guarantee: Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied

The journey


Te approach is simple: you go together with a survival expert into the Amazon rainforest and do what is necessary to survive and thrive in the jungle. Typical activities of the Amazon survival tour include navigation through the rainforest, making a fire, kayak, hunting and gathering food. You can choose to stay on a single spot or trek through the forest during your survival trip.

The waters of the Amazon are quite easy to navigate, because the altitude differences in the rain forest are modest in general. This makes jungle tour very well doable for less experienced kayakers. Besides that, a motorized vessel with our guide is  always closeby in case something would happen. Before you depart, you will receive an instruction how to handle your kayak effectively.  

Sleeping in a hammock in the Amazon Jungle


The Amazon survival tour takes place in the Rio Urubu area. This river is a tributary to the Amazon and it is surrounded by dense forest with only a few inhabitants. The area is located about 200 km from Manaus. You will travel by bus and boat to the jungle lodge Rio Urubu that we have in that area. This is the starting point for your Amazon survival tour. If you have a preference for a different region or you would like to encounter certain types of animals, please let us know. We will see if another area is better suited for what you have in mind

What to bring?

We take care of the necessary equipment, including hammocks a machete and a first aid kit. You should bring light gear that you can easily carry and clothes that dry quickly and offer proper protection when going through rough terrain. If you have some handy survival tools that you are allowed to bring on a plane, just take them with you.

Essentials jungle tour gear

Hunt with a blowpipe

Survival Activities Indigenous tribes traditionally use this technique to hunt for small animals. You learn how to make your own blowpipe and use it.

Navigate the Rainforest

The jungle is dense at a lot of places, which makes navigating a difficult task. Our survival experts will teach you some clever tricks, so you can find your way out of the jungle and don’t keep walking around in circles.

Fish For Food

Fishing is a relative easy way to get food as the Amazon has an amazing variety of fish. You will learn different fishing styles, such as fishing with a net, spearfishing in the night and fishing piranhas with a rod and bait

Make Fire

Fire making is an essential survival skill and not the easiest one. You will learn how to gather the right wood and material for your fire and how to ignite it (the hard part)

Create Shelter

Heavy rains can make you completely wet in minutes and causes you body temperature to drop significantly. This is one of the reasons why preparing a solid shelter is a good idea. You will build your own shelter from local materials together with our survival expert, so you keep dry and save from the animals.

piranha fishing in the amazon jungle brazil
Jungle Dinner in the Amazon Rainforest

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