Do you dream of a real authentic experience in the Amazon rainforest where most tourist don't come?

Discover the Amazon rainforest with an Amazon Brazil jungle tour from Off Roads Travel. Under the guidance of one of our native jungle guides with more than 20 years of experience,  we ensure that your stay in the Amazon rainforest is unforgettable.

We start our tours from Manaus Brazil. Manaus is the gateway to the Amazon region and the starting point of many Amazon rainforest tours. Off Roads Travel distinguishes itself by not only offering tours in the more touristic areas, but by specializing in (private) deep jungle tours with a local guide. Our jungle lodge is located at 5 hours away from Manaus in an area around the Rio Urubu river. Here you will find yourself completely isolated from the outside world for the ultimate experience. Off Roads Travel offers a unique opportunity to discover the jungle, do various activities and spend the night in the rainforest. Our 3-6 day jungle tours give you the opportunity to do jungle trekking, canoeing, wildlife spotting and camping in the jungle.


Many rivers flow through the Brazilian Amazon Jungle. The easiest way to get around in the jungle is through the water with one of our Amazon river cruises. Off Roads Travel offers several cruises that can sail you through the Amazon area. Our native guides will show you the most beautiful places of the Amazon river and can tell you everything about the flora and fauna that the jungle offers for the best Amazon trip. 

Our 3-7 day cruises give you the opportunity to cruise through the jungle, go ashore for a hike and optionally have the option to camp in the jungle.



Off Roads Travel is specialized in full service Deep Jungle Tours. We work with guides who have more than 20 years of experience and have already shown hundreds of people the beauties of the Amazon Rainforest. We do not focus on offering the cheapest or most luxurious rainforest tours in Brazil, but on simply offering an authentic Amazon Jungle tour experience at a fair price.

As Off Roads Travel we cater destinations that fit your adventurous and courageous spirit. Our goal is to encourage people to be more in contact with the internal and external nature and enable everyone to enjoy an outdoor leisure time in places where most people won’t go. Completely cut off from the outside world, you will discover how special it is to become completely one with nature and your surroundings again. The Amazon rainforest is one of the most unique places in the world and the best way to realize this is to experience it for yourself with an Amazon Rainforest tour with Off Roads Travel.

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The Amazon

The Amazon River is the largest river in the world and flows through more than the half of South America. It originates at 5,200m height in the snow-capped Andes in Peru, then plunges through chasms and ravines, flows through the vast jungle-covered Amazon basin, before finally emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. In total, the Amazon River is 6,400 km long and flows through 8 different countries, of which ⅔ part through Brazil. The surrounding Amazon rainforest is also the largest rainforest on earth. The Brazilian Amazon is rich in countless different animals and plants. It is one of the most important areas for our ecosystem, containing 40% of all flora and fauna in the world.

Rio Urubu

Our Discover Amazon Tour  & Amazon Wonders Tour take place approximately 200 km north of the Brazilian city of Manaus. Our Amazon jungle lodge Pousada Ecológica do Rio Urubu is located on the Rio Urubu River. This is the area where your Amazon rainforest tour guide Ney and his brother grew up. They know the Amazon and this area as their own backyard. This is why we can offer an unique experience in an area where the tours are offered entirely deep in the jungle. There will be no more civilization here.

The Rio Urubu is one of the largest tributary of the Amazon River. The area along the Rio Urubu river is recongnizable by its vegetation. The area is one of the places with the most diverse tree species in the world. One of the beautiful sights in this area are the many swamps. Due to the constant changes in water levels, the Rio Urubu floods surrounding areas next to the river. This creates beautiful fairytale scenes. The advantage of the location around the Urubu River is that it is mainly a mosquito free area! The acidity in the black water prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs. This is why this area is so suitable for our deep Amazon jungle tours.

Rio Negro

With our Amazon Cruises and on the last day with the Amazon Wonders Tour you will visit the Rio Negro, an area closer to Manaus to go to the more ‘commercialized part’ of the Amazon. Here you get the opportunity to swim with pink river dolphins and visit an indigenous tribe. The Rio Negro is the largest, and therefore best known, tributary of the Amazon River. Most day tours are provided here from Manaus. The river is easily accessible and is a gateway to the Jaú National Park and the Anavilhanas Archipelago where our cruises will take you to see some amazing animals and plants.

Where am i sleeping?

During the tours there are several places where you will sleep. First there is our jungle lodge Rio Urubu, which is located in the middle of the jungle. Besides sleeping in the jungle lodge, you also spend a night in a camp in the jungle for the ultimate experience. 

WHAT To Bring?

It can sometimes be quite difficult to know what to take with you before you go to the jungle. That is why we have a packing list with the most important items to take with you.

Read here how to be ultimate prepared for your journey to the Amazon rainforest.

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Off Roads Travel company is founded by adventurers with a passion for travelling off the beaten track. We ourselves felt stuck in our busy city life at home and we were looking for a way to escape from this and to reconnect with our nature. During a trip through Brazil we stayed in the Amazon for a while. This experience opened our eyes and the deep jungle tours were the perfect remedy against our busy city life at home to experience the world in a completely different way. 

Now we want to help other people to experience this for themself too. Off Roads’ goal is to bring people together and enable everyone to enjoy an outdoor leisure time in places where most people don’t go. We focus on bringing cultures and good hearts together. We are a sister company for tour operator NEY Eco Adventures. This is the reason why our eco tours are only provided by local native guides. Together with their families, they have been living in this area for decades. That is why they can help you like no other to discover the hidden gems of the Amazon rainforest.

During our Amazon tours, our guides will tell you everything about all the plant and animal life in the rainforest, teach you basic survival skills to survive in the jungle and tell you stories about how they and their ancestors have lived in the jungle for years. We look forward to assisting you in your journey!

One-third of all the animals on Earth can be found in the Amazon rainforest. See here some animals you have chance to encounter during our tours.

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Stay up to date with the latest news, travel tips and facts of the Amazon Rainforest!

Many people nowadays want to escape the modern jungle to visit the real jungle and there is every reason for that. The Amazon rainforest is the most magical place in the world. One of the few places in the world that still preserves purity. If you have an adventurous mindset and want to travel to this place, you will certainly benefit from the following travel guide.

In this travel guide we will remove a number of uncertainties for you and answer frequently asked questions.

Why go to the Amazon Rainforest?

Why go to the Amazon Rainforest?

Maintaining your health is more prevalent in today’s society than ever before. How we actually maintain our health properly is an age-old question that often provides abstract answers. What we

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Rio Urubu River

Location Our lodge Pousada Ecológica do Rio Urubu is located on the Rio Urubu River. The Rio Urubu is a river that is further from Manaus than, for example, the

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What to do in Manaus teatro Amazonas Off Roads

What to see in Manaus?

Amazonas area Amazonas is the largest state of Brazil. The capital, Manaus, is the largest city with a population of 1.8 million. Manaus is located where the rio negro and

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What to bring to the Amazon Rainforest?

JUNGLE GEAR PACKING TIPS & LIST For an Amazon adventure trip everyone should pack accordingly. Even though Amazon Rainforest tours and Amazon river cruises have varying amenities and comfort levels, most jungle excursions are

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How to get to Manaus?

Located in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, Manaus is the gateway for tours to the Amazon jungle. Manaus has an airport that can receive full-size jet aircrafts and is

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