Best time to visit the Amazon

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You can really visit the Amazon all year round. Despite the fact that the Amazon rainforest runs through 8 countries, there are actually few differences in the climate per destination. Most of the Amazon is located in Brazil.


December - May


June - November


And how can you prepare?


How to get to Manaus in the Amazon?

The Amazon region is characterized by two distinct periods. The “rainy season” and the “less rainy season”.

However, the difference between these two seasons is not very big and they are both characterized by daily rain showers, warm temperatures and humid conditions. Therefore, it makes more sense to talk about a High Water Season and a Low Water Season:

Difference of the seasons in the Amazon in Brazil

December - May

High Water Season (23ºC - 28ºC)

  • Higher water levels and rivers
  •  More vegetation and colourful plants
  •  Better access to rivers and swamps by canoe or boat
  • More likely to see animals because there is more low hanging fruit and food to be found
  • More chance of heavy rain showers
  • Slightly cooler temperatures

June - November

Low Water Season (25ºC - 30ºC)

  • Lower water level and rivers
  • Better hiking routes that would otherwise be flooded
  • More likely to see caimans as they can be found on the dried up riverbanks
  • Fewer mosquitoes
  • Slightly less hot and less heavy rain showers
  • Better conditions for fishing as there is less water for as many fish as in the high water season

Since you can visit the Amazon all year round, the best period to go mainly has to do with personal preference.


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Many people nowadays want to escape the modern jungle to visit the real jungle and there is every reason for that. In this travel guide we will remove a number of uncertainties for you and answer frequently asked questions.

Low Water Season

In the Low Water Season there is less heavy rainfall, but some rivers are lower and sometimes inaccessible. On the other hand, there are more routes to hike through the jungle since they have now become dry so that you can discover a lot deeper parts in the jungle on foot. It is also better to fish during this time because the rivers are drier and the fish have less water to move in. During this time there is more chance to see caimans, because they can now rest on the dry water banks.

Hight Water Season

In the High Water Season it is just the opposite. A number of hiking routes will run underwater, but all rivers and creeks are more accessible. In this way you can still reach the most inaccessible places in the rainforest by boat or canoe. This is a unique experience. During this period there is also more food for the animals, so there is a greater chance that you will see them.

How much does it rain in the Amazon?

The rainy season in the Amazon lasts from December to May. If you book a tour during these days, it is useful to bring rainproof clothing. It can rain up to 20 days a month with a monthly precipitation of about 220 mm to 320 mm.

Plan your trip well

Most Amazon tours in Brazil starts in Manaus. This city is located in the middle of the rainforest. Manaus can be reached by commercial air travel and by boat. More information about how to travel to the Amazon in Brazil can be found here.