If you dream to discover the beauty and mystery of the Amazon rainforest, an Amazon jungle tour with a native guide for whom the jungle has always been home, is the best choice for you. Due to our expertise we offer the most authentic Amazon Jungle Tours  to get to know the Amazon area.


Off Roads Travel is specialized in deep jungle tours. The Amazon jungle tours are organized by native guides who grew up in the Amazon rainforest themselves and know everything about the area. During the jungle tours you will hike or sail through the Amazon river with one of our guides. You will discover the beautiful vegetation and the many animals of the Amazon rainforest.

We offer our Amazon jungle tours in areas from 50km to 200 km from Manaus. The area 50 km from Manaus is the Rio Negro area where from many day tours are also organized, but our specialty is the Amazon rainforest tours in the area around the Rio Urubu river. To get here we first travel a total of 4,5 hours to our Amazon jungle lodge. This is done by boat and bus. Our Rio Urubu lodge is located so far into the Amazon rainforest that we can proudly call our tours deep jungle tours. Our standard Amazon rainforest tours are 3-4 days, but we also provide kayak tours that last 5 days or we can also arrange a private Amazon jungle tour which contains more days in the jungle. Your dream tour is our priority. 

All prices include

  • Transport from and to hotel / airport / different location
  • Experienced local jungle guides
  • All breakfeast / lunch / dinner
  • Activities in de jungle
  • Overnight stays


Our tours take place in different locations. We have chosen these locations because they are all unique and all have their own characteristic features. Here is a short explanation about the locations and the tours that go with them:

Rio Urubu

The two main tours we offer are the ‘Discover the Amazon tour’ and the ‘Amazon Wonders tour’. In both jungle tours you explore the area around our Rio Urubu lodge. The Amazon Survival Tour also takes place in this area. Here you will get a real feeling of what living in the Amazon rainforest is like.

All our tours start and end in Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas, and the gateway to the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. From here we travel to our accomodation. Our Rio Urubu Lodge is located on the river of the same name, the Rio Urubu. The Rio Urubu is one of the largest, yet lesser-known tributaries of the Amazon River. Our lodge is located about 200 km from Manaus. This is the area where our native tour guides Ney and his brother grew up.


The tour starts with the pick-up of the travelers from their hotel in Manaus or other location early in the morning. From here you travel by bus and boat to the lodge for approximately 4 hours. In the meantime, we still have 1 stopover to do the last shopping. Here you can possibly get the last necessities such as food for the road or some alcohol for the evenings if you want. This is also probably the last point you have a connection on your phone. So make sure to let everyone know during this stopover that you will no longer be available for the duration of your tour. Also in our lodge there is no internet or telephone range. This of course provides the real deep jungle experience that we want to give: closed off from the outside world and one with nature.

Discover the Amazon Rainforest by boat

Rio Negro

The Amazon Wonders tour is the same as our Discover the Amazon tour with an additional day to the Rio Negro area. On the first or last day (depending on the schedule) of the Amazon Wonders tour, you will go to the area around the Rio Negro.

The Rio Negro is the largest and most famous tributary of the Amazon River. The Rio Negro flows past Manaus. For this reason, this area is slightly more commercialized than other parts of the Amazon River in Brazil, but it is certainly no less beautiful. On the contrary. The vegetation and therefore the wildlife is different here than in the north of Manaus. Because the animals here are more used to tourists, you have a slightly higher chance of encountering them in this area. In this area you will also have the chance to swim with the pink river dolphins, visit the Meetings of the Waters and visit an indigenous tribe.


This tour starts in the morning from Manaus. After some activities such as a visit to the Teatro Amazonas, you will take the boat up the Rio Negro from the port of Manaus. Here you can sail through the surrounding rainforest all day long and you can do various activities.
At the end of the day you will return to Manaus. Because it is often almost dark by then, so it is usually not possible to travel straight to the Rio Urubu lodge afterwards. That is why we often recommend booking an extra night in a (cheap) hotel. This hotel stay is NOT included in the price and you must also arrange this yourself. Then you will be picked up by us early the next morning and the journey continues to the Rio Urubu Lodge where you will stay for the rest of the tour. From here you will be taken back to Manaus and dropped off at your hotel or the airport.

boat rio negro national park

Presidente Figueiredo

With the Amazon Kayak tour you will travel to the area around Presidente Figueirdo. This area is known for its caves and beautiful waterfalls in the Amazon rainforest. Located about 100 kilometers north of Manaus, Presidente Figueiredo’s Sanctuary Waterfall (Cachoeira Santuário) is one of the top travel destinations for visitors to the region. Stationed along the Urubui River, where black waters meet the muddy Amazon, Sanctuary Waterfall is surrounded by thick rain forest and massive mossy rocks.Its picture-perfect location is ideal for travelers who want to explore the natural beauty.


You will be picked up from Manaus and it is about a 2 hour drive to a location where the kayaks are ready. From here you will travel about 5 days to Presidente Figueirdo and the surrounding areas. During this trip you will always stay in different locations and this is perhaps the best way to really discover the Amazon River and its beauties.

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