What to see in Manaus?

What to do in Manaus teatro Amazonas Off Roads

Amazonas area

Amazonas is the largest state of Brazil. The capital, Manaus, is the largest city with a population of 1.8 million. Manaus is located where the rio negro and rio Solimões converge and form the rio Amazonas. At the end of the 19th century, during the heyday of the rubber industry, Manaus was a busy metropolis. Today it is the main base of operations for visitors to the Amazon.

20 Facts About the Amazon Ranforest

Teatro Amazonas

Most people who want to visit the Amazon jungle choose Manaus. This prosperous rubber city used to be one of the most prosperous cities on the planet. The Teatro Amazonas is therefore also a world-class attraction. This monument shows how much prosperity there has been in the history of Manaus. This monument was inaugurated in 1896 and can be recognized by its pink color and large dome. The Amazon theater closed its doors at the beginning of the last century when the rubber trade collapsed and reopened in 1990. Today it is the epitome of the city and hosts concerts and orchestras every year.

Another attraction is the Mercado Municipal Adolfo Lisboa. This market was inaugurated in 1882 and the history of this monument also radiates history. This market has an Art Nouveau style and will remind you of the old Parisian market Les Halles.

What to do in Manaus teatro Amazonas Off Roads

Indian culture

Manaus has a heterogeneous population, like most Brazilian cities. Yet the cultural heritage of the indigenous people is more present here than in other cities. To get a better impression of what is meant by that cultural heritage, we recommend that you visit the Museo do Indio in the center of Manaus. This museum displays hundreds of works of art and artifacts that were used by the indigenous tribes for survival.

In addition to the museu do Indio, there is the ‘Centro Cultural Povos da Amazônia. This is also known as the cultural center of the Amazon people. This is an exhibition space of approximately 65,000 m2, dedicated to the indigenous people andtheir traditions. Exhibitions are given here for and by Indians from the rainforests of Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru and Brazil.

If you would like to experience what it is like to live like the natives of the past, we recommend booking a jungle tour with Off Roads Travel in Manaus. Rosiney Lima (your guide) was born and raised in the jungle area 400 km north of Manaus and will tell you all about how his ancestors lived in the Amazon rainforest during a stay in his jungle lodge. In addition, he can tell you the medicinal effects of all plants, how to make a fire and how to make a hut from natural resources.

Indian culture Amazon

Meeting of the Waters Manaus

The meeting of the waters is the place where the dark Rio Negro and the bright Rio Solimões meet. Because of the different compositions and flow rates, these two substances cannot mix with each other and this gives an epic picture. You can take a boat trip to the place where these two rivers meet. It’s a truly spectacular view. 

Deep Amazon Jungle Tours Meeting of the Waters

Visit to the Amazon Rainforest

Manaus is a place in the middle of the beautiful Amazon rainforest and is therefore also the perfect base for longer tours to the area around it. If you do not have the time to do a multi-day tour, but you would like to get to know the atmosphere of the Amazon region, you can do so in the Bosque da Ciência area. This area is located 6 km. from Manaus and resembles a zoo. This area is administered by Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia and is one of the most important scientific research centers in Brazil.

Bosque da Ciência literally means science forest. You can find all kinds of animals in this area, from giant otters, caimans and Amazonian manatees. This area also houses the Museu da Amazônia, which was created in 2009 on the site of the Reserva Adolfo Ducke. This is about 7km east of the center of Manaus and calls itself the ‘living museum’. The Jardim Botanico de Manaus is also located in this area. This is a botanical garden with local culture exhibits and a butterfly breeding center.

What to do in Manaus Amazon Tours Off Roadstravel

Presidente Figueriredo

In Brazil there are a lot of waterfalls. Yet the Amazon is sparingly endowed with this. If you still want to see these waterfalls, then Kayak trips to Presidente Figueiredo are the perfect option for you. Providers of these tours are Off Roads Travel and Ney Eco Adventures. This area is located 125km north of Manaus and is home to about 150 different waterfalls. Under these waterfalls you can take a natural shower or just slide down. The most popular reserves in this area are: Complexo turistico Iracema Falls (with one of the largest waterfalls in the area), Reserva Ecológica Cachoeira Santuário and Parque Urubuí (with a lake for swimming). In addition to Kayak expeditions, you can also spot birds or view caves in the forests of Presidente Figueiredo. These activities will also be covered during most tours.

20 facts about the Amazon Rainforest

Guarana berry

Guaraná is a small red berry that was found centuries ago by the indigenous tribes in the Amazon region. These berries contain twice as much caffeine as coffee beans. Today, this berry is offered diluted, as a soft drink. If you want to taste this berry, we recommend going to Casa do Guaraná Saterê, which serves a sweet drink made from these berries.

Parque Nacional de Anavilhanas

The park certainly belongs to one of the most beautiful river archipelagos in the world. This park is a ‘must see’ and consists of hundreds of lakes, rivers and small islands. Parque Nacional de Anavilhanas is located upstream on the Rio Negro and gives a nice picture of the natural wealth of the Amazon jungle. This park has been a protected area since 1981 and this area was designated a national park in 2008. The best thing to do is to explore this park by boat with the various cruises that are offered in this area (Off Roads Travel, Ney Eco Adventures).

When the water is low, and this happens in the period from September to January, the sand dunes become visible. Often caimans take advantage of this matter and show themselves on these sand dunes. Besides the caimans, there are many other animals to observe in this beautiful park such as the giant otters, jaguars, giant armadillos, giant anteaters, pink river dolphins etc. During a cruise through this park you will see the landscapes constantly changing from dark rainforest to sparsely vegetated grassland. When the water is high, the roots of the bombs seem to rise out of the water. You can also visit the caves in the Grutas do Madadá park.

During the trip to this park it is also nice to visit Museu do Seringal Vila Paraíso. This is a small theme park dedicated to rubber production in the Amazon. The museum is built like a village to embody the way of life and technique of the rubber tappers.

Parque Nacional de Anavilhanas

Parque Nacional Do Jaú

This huge park of almost 23,000 km2 is one of the largest protected rainforest areas in the world. It is located between the towns of Barcelos and Novo Airão. The park is 6 hours by boat from Manaus and 1 hour by helicopter or plane. Sailing through this park you will see many parrots and macaws. In addition to all the animals in this park, this park is also known for its orchids and other plants on the bank side. There are also waterfalls, lakes and hiking trails to visit. To visit Park Do Jaú and Parque do Anavilhanas, please contact Off Roads Travel. They provide a 5 day river cruise that visits both parks.

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