Brazil Tour Information

WHere Am I going?

Rio Urubu

Our Discover the Amazon Tour & Amazon Wonders Tour take place approximately 200 km north of the Brazilian city of Manaus in our lodges at the Rio Urubu. We offer a unique experience where the tours are offered entirely in the jungle. There will be no more civilization here.

Rio Negro

With our Amazon Cruises and on the last day with the Amazon Wonders Tour you will visit the Rio Negro, an area closer to Manaus to go to the more ‘commercialized part’ of the Amazon. Here you get the opportunity to swim with pink river dolphins and visit an indigenous tribe.

WHat Are my Tour Options?

Discover the rainforest by hiking and sailing through the jungle or get around the Amazon river with one of our jungle cruises. All the tours are provided by one of our native guides. 

WHAT To Bring?

Read here how to be ultimate prepared for your journey to the Amazon rainforest.

Where am i sleeping?

During the tours there are several places where you will sleep. First there is our jungle lodge, which is located in the middle of the jungle. Besides sleeping in the jungle lodge, you also spend a night in a camp in the jungle for the ultimate experience.

One-third of all the animals on Earth can be found in the Amazon rainforest. See here some animals you have chance to encounter during our tours.

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