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Amazon Rainforest Travel Guide 2021

Many people nowadays want to escape the modern jungle to visit the real jungle and there is every reason for that. The Amazon is the most magical place in the world. One of the few places in the world that still preserves purity. If you have an adventurous mindset and want to travel to this place, you will certainly benefit from the following travel guide.

In this travel guide we will remove a number of uncertainties for you and answer frequently asked questions. In this guide we will cover the following topics:


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How to get to the Amazon during the pandemic?

Flights From Europe

If you want to fly from Europe to the Amazon, there are no direct flights. All flights go via Sao Paolo or Rio de Janeiro. From this destination it is possible to book a direct flight to Manaus. The name of the airport flown to is Manaus International Airport AM Eduardo Gomes.

Flights From North America

From North America there are some direct flights to the Brazilian Amazon (Manaus). The first option is from Florida. It is possible to fly from either Miami or Orlando to Manaus. The second option is to fly from Panama city directly to Manaus. 

Flights In Brazil

Brazil is as you might know a big country. This is why there are a lot of flights within the country itself. In Brazil there are a lot of places which have a flight-connection to Manaus. Good flight companies which provide these flights are LATAM, AZUL or GOL. Most of the time ticket prices are under the $100. 

What do i need to bring to enter brazil?

During the corona pandemic there are some requirements to enter the country. To enter Brazil from a foreign country you need to take a PCR test or rapid test which shows that you are not carrying the corona virus. Besides this you need a health-declaration. The form you need is downloadable from the following website:

Climate in Manaus

How hot is it in the Amazon?

Since Manaus is very close to the equator, there are no very distinct seasons in Manaus and the surrounding rainforest. Manaus has a stable temperature all year round. The temperature is on average 26 degrees Celsius. Around noon the temperature rises to an average of 32 degrees and at night the temperature does not fall below 23 degrees.

How much does it rain in the Amazon?

The rainy season lasts from December to May. If you book a tour during these days, it is useful to bring rainproof clothing. In these months it can rain up to 20 days a month with a monthly precipitation of about 220 mm to 320 mm.

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Fora and Fauna in the Amazon

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What to do in the Brazilian Amazon?

There are several activities to do in the Amazon. In the area around Manaus there are several tour providers that offer tours where it is possible to swim with pink river dolphins. In addition, there are several tour providers that offer day tours in Manaus. One of the fascinating monuments to see is the ‘Theatro Amazonas’. This monument is the epitome of the rich rubber industry that Manaus has known. There are also tour operators that offer tours deeper in the Amazon region. These tours are considered authentic and often last several days as it sometimes takes 4 hours to reach these destinations. During these tours you get to experience the purity of the jungle at its best. During these types of tours you go into the jungle with a native guide and experience all the flora and fauna that can be found there. Think of spotting alligators, spotting dolphins and discovering all the medicinal plants that can be found in the jungle.

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What to pack for the Amazon?

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Native Tribes to visit

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The journey

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