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Your transportation from and to the airport or hotel is included in the price.



Rio Urubu Lodge & Camping in het Amazone regenwoud


During the tours there are several places where you will sleep. First, there is the jungle lodge, which is located in the middle of the jungle. This lodge has several facilities.

Besides sleeping in the Amazon jungle lodge, you have the option to spend a night in a camp in the Amazon rainforest.


Diverse activiteiten in het Amazone regenwoud


Our activities consist of a combination of :

  • swimming with pink dolphins
  • cayman spotting
  • piranha fishing
  • wildlife spotting
  • jungle treks
  • camp overnight in the jungle (optional)
  • meeting of the waters
  • kayak the Amazon River
  • survival in the jungle
Piranha fishing Amazon wonders tour


Meer dan 20 jaar ervaring


Under the guidance of one of our native jungle guides with more than 20 years of experience, we ensure that your stay in the Amazon rainforest is unforgettable.

Amazone Tours in Brazilië

Bij Off Roads Travel zijn we gespecialiseerd in het aanbieden van onvergetelijke Amazone regenwoud reizen in Brazilië voor wie op zoek is naar een meeslepende en authentieke ervaring in het Amazonegebied.

Reis met ons mee tot diep in het hart van het Amazone regenwoud met onze Amazone reizen in Brazilië, waar avontuur en verwondering op elke hoek wachten.


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Wij zijn een reisbureau dat je graag de unieke ervaring geeft die je 

Ontdek het Amazone regenwoud met een Brazilië tour of een Amazone cruise van Off Roads Travel. Onder begeleiding van een van onze inheemse jungle gidsen met meer dan 20 jaar ervaring zorgen we ervoor dat je verblijf in het Amazone regenwoud onvergetelijk wordt.

Christophe D
Christophe D
Amazing trip with big group if friends! Amazing boat trip on the Amazon! Ney was an awesome guide with a lot of knowledge about the nature and wildlife.
Juan M
Juan M
Amazing 5 days kayaking tour in the Amazon I took the 5 days kayaking tour through the Amazon, and it was a fantastic experience. Everything went perfect and according to the itinerary. During my trip I was lucky to meet Koen and Joep (from Off Roads) and I can assure that they will work their best to make your trip enjoyable. In Brazil, the tour will be operated by local people and their knowledge about the jungle and attention to the visitors is amazing. With them, you will always feel safe while kayaking and camping in the jungle. For people that planning to take this tour, they must know that is really challenging to paddle between 3 and 6 hours a day. Even though I am in good physical condition and was fit for the tour (exercising 1 or 2 hours a day and doing exercises for kayaking before the trip), it was not easy to complete the whole journey. So, I strongly recommend to physically prepare yourself for the tour and if possible, practise kayaking. During the tour you will be far from all the usual facilities/amenities, but the tour team will make everything to make you feel comfortable. Also, you will be extremely active as different activities are planned along the five days, but you will have some spaces to rest in a unique environment as well. In conclusion, I strongly recommend this trip to be in contact with nature while taking a true challenge. If you feel you are not up to fulfil the kayak tour, Off Roads and Ney Eco Adventures have other excellent options to visit the Amazon.
Paweł S
Paweł S
Great Amazon experience! Me and my friend booked the 3-day tour. Everything was as stated in the pamphlet sent to us earlier. There was a lot of activities with short brakes betwen eachone to prepare yourself for the next advature. Every time Ney explained to us what we are going to do next and how to properly prepare! Our greatest worry was about the guide not speaking english well enough or speaking portugese only (from our earlier bad experineces in other parts of Brazil) but Ney speaks english very well and always explained everything to us. The schedule was very packed but it was not exhousting, everything was planned well. Our guide had vast knowlage and understanding of the Amazon, his talks on the plants, animals and culture of Amazon were always interesting. The only thing me and my friend lacked in the trip was having some longer walks inside the forest but I guess that was hard to fit in our, already packed, schedule. If I ever come back to Amazon rainforest I will choose this company again, strongly recommend them if you want to know the true nature of amazon and you are not interested in the commercial side of Amazon (I booked a trip from another company to see meeting of the waters and it was quite disapointing because nothing was as stated before).
Mary Lou G
Mary Lou G
Op een relaxte manier de jungle verkennen Ik had de 4-days wonder tour geboekt via Off Road travel. Daarvan zijn 3 dagen in de Amazone bij Ney's Eco lodge. Ik vond het goed geregeld: de transfer van mijn hotel naar de jungle en terug ging vlot. Als je aankomt doe je mee met de activiteiten die de rest van de groep die er al is die dag gaat doen (er komen dagelijks nieuwe mensen aan). Daardoor weet je vantevoren niet welke activiteit je op dag 1 gaat doen bijvoorbeeld, maar dat is voor mij geen probleem. Er waren ook mensen die er 4 dagen waren en die gingen nog naar lokale bevolking. Ik ging in die tijd met anderen kayakken en piranha vissen. Ik vond de sfeer heel relaxt. De lodge heel prettig en er zijn amper muggen. De gidsen die wij mee hadden, spraken alleen Portugees, dat is misschien wel goed om te weten. Het eten was heerlijk en ook zijn ze flexíbel qua activiteiten (als je iets langer of korter wil doen bijvoorbeeld). De dagen vlogen voorbij en ik heb het er heel fijn gehad. Zeker een aanrader! De laatste dag was in Manaus zelf: ik werd opgehaald bij het hotel en naar de haven gebracht. Daar gingen we per boot meeting of the waters zien, een fish farm, indigenous village, lunchen, grote bladeren op het water bekijken en in het water zien hoe een dolfijn gevoerd wordt. Ik vond het erg leuk. Let wel op, er zijn 2 dingen anders dan op de website/brochure: er is geen transfer van het vliegveld naar het hotel en het amazone theater wordt ook niet bezocht. Voor mij geen probleem, maar wel goed om te weten. Is een beetje verwarrend.
Leonie J
Leonie J
Remarkable 5 days of Kayaking in Amazon! Highly recommend! This trip was a challenging, rewarding once in a lifetime adventure that will make us smile for many years to come. If you are curious about the rainforest ecosystem, enjoy being immersed in nature and are looking to challenge yourself physically, we doubt you'd find a better tour! We did the 5 day Kayak trip in May 2023 with Giorgio as our guide and Max as our cook. We were travelling as a couple and were the only people on our tour. Firstly, Giorgio is an amazing guide, he is a lovely person and is amazingly knowledgeable about the river and rainforest ecosystem. He provided navigation and steering advice for the kayaks, told us stories about his life growing up in the Amazon, educated us about the plants and built us some super impressive camps with his machete! We always felt in safe hands. We were also incredibly well fed during the whole trip by Max. We were a bit nervous about food since we are vegetarians but we were very well accommodated. The food was simple but tasty and we never once felt hungry. He did such an incredible job cooking us hot fresh food 3 times a day, even in the most challenging terrain or situation. A few things to note: - This trip is alot of physical effort and for some days we were rowing for almost 8 hours. - You will get wet, all the time, not just from the rain but from the kayaing itself, so forget about being dry apart from when you arrive into camp in the evening and can change! And it's not easy to dry anything so do make sure you have a dry bag for your night clothes. - We found the first 2 days of Kayaking to be much more demanding than the last 3, not only because we were inexperienced but because the river itself was narrower and had a stronger current during the first section of the trip. Days 3-5 were more tranquil and better for observing nature. - The trip is a real adventure and the nature is overwhelming, you are going into a remote area and you need to be prepared for this and be ok going out of your comfort zone, far from all amenities. We didn't see a single other person for two days of the trip (not even a fisherman). - We slept very comfortably outside in the hammocks and were surprised how quickly we become comfortable in the camps. - A head torch came in very handy on day 1 when we kayaked in the dark! It was also good for around camp and going to the toilet at night, so definitely suggest packing one. Some things we wish we'd known before the trip... - Prepare by Kayaking. We are active, regular gym goers and before departure we were rowing 10k plus on the machine and running a similar distance. But we weren't prepared for the muscle aches that came with the repetitiveness of rowing or the concentration required to navigate a river in a kayak, the first two days were a bit intense and stressful for this reason and would have been more enjoyable if we were more confident in a kayak. We also think the last three days would have been better if our muscles were less painful (thankfully we packed ibuprofen to help ease the soreness)! We never felt out of control or in any danger but if you can do a few kayak trips before arriving, it will make you much better equipped for the experience. A good level of fitness and ability to swim is also required. - Don't over pack. Whatever you think you need, half it. We didn't use half the stuff we took - not even the rain poncho because the rain arrives in an instant and you are usually already wet when it does, so a poncho felt pointless! If we were to go again we'd pack just 3 sets of clothes: day clothes for days 1-3 (you will get wet everyday so make sure it's be quick drying fabric), dry night clothes (to put on once you arrive at camp) and a spare day set to use for days 4-5 (you will probably want to switch to fresh day clothes by then!). We used lightweight long-sleeved tops most of the time because it was the safest way to avoid sunburn. A dry bag is essential, plus plastic bags for wet stuff. Also recommended a sun hat and glasses. Gloves were useful for protecting hands from blisters as well. For shoes we just took flip-flops and trainers. We also had walking boots but on Georgio's advice left these with the driver on day 1 and we are glad we did as we wouldn't have used them. A microfiber towel also worked well. - We went to stay in a hotel in Manaus after the trip but apparently the group before us went straight to the airport! Given how wet everything was - and how stinky we were by the end - we wouldn't advise this. If at all possible give yourself a night in Manaus after the trip. To close: we would absolutely recommend the trip and the company and would even love to do it again but it is both a challenge and an adventure!
Wonderful, very rustic experience! We went to visit Ney's Ecotourism Lodge with our family (two five year-olds). It was a great experience, Ney was incredibly patient and helpful especially with our kids. We loved the activities and the FOOD WAS SO GOOD! All of the lodge staff was very professional and so helpful. I would say that the experience is very rustic, no air con, no fan, and only electricity a few hours a day. So prepare for this!
Veronika L
Veronika L
The best adventure of my life I live for an adventure travel and this trip ticked all my boxes. It was one of the best trips in my life. We kayaked and trekked deep in the Amazon jungle. It was just the two of us with two guides and we did not come across any other tourists. It was very special. The guides were excellent and worked extremely hard to satisfy all our requests. They were friendly and fun and made our trip truly memorable. I was worried about sleeping in hammocks but had the best sleep ever. I was also worried about the jungle food but it was all very delicious, especially the fruits and fish. We never went starving. The only thing I didn't have and I wish I did, was a portable water filter. While we had lots of filtered water during the kayaking part of our trip, we could not carry enough water for the trekking/survival part of the tour and drank water from jungle streams. The packing list they provided was great but these are the things I would add if you are doing an adventurous tour like I did: - portable water filter - a microfibre towel from Kathmandu or similar - Solar power bank to charge devices - Chocolates and sweet snacks if you have a sweet tooth - Waterproof backpacks or large dry bags to put all your stuff in while kayaking - favourite herbs and spices for bush cooking
Luis R
Luis R
Mesmerizing This was an experience of a lifetime. Everyday was an adventure. The jungle hikes and camp outs where incredible. Canoeing through dense foliage to the open waters of the Amazon river was beautiful and exciting. Most of all, we felt safe. Our guide and the the rest of the staff treated everyone with kindness and love.
Lucy Curl
Lucy Curl
The best Amazon experience We had a fantastic 3 day trip out to the Amazon Rainforest. The accomodation is fantastic considering how remote it is. The bed is comfortable and you get your own bathroom. The best part is there are no mosquitoes due to the acidity of the water. The guides are all extremely friendly, profesional and knowledgeable. We loved learning about the wildlife during our boat tours and walks through the forest. It was a special experience to visit a local family and learn about their life in the Amazon. Despite being rainy season, the guides ensured we still participated in all the activities. The food served is really delicious. It can be hard to find vegetarian food in Brazil, yet on this tour we were treated to a range of tasty dishes for every meal. I would definitely recommend this company!
amazon jungle tours

Ney Rosey Lima

Inheemse gids uit het Amazonegebied

+20 jaar ervaring

Off Roads Travel

rio negro

Reis Gids

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 “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”


We starten onze Amazoneregenwoudreizen en cruises vanuit Manaus Brazilië. Manaus is de toegangspoort tot het Amazonegebied en het startpunt van veel Amazoneregenwoudreizen. Off Roads Travel onderscheidt zich door niet alleen Amazonetours in de meer toeristische gebieden aan te bieden, maar door te specialiseren in (privé) Amazonetours in Brazilië met een lokale gids.

Onze Amazone jungle lodge ligt op 5 uur rijden van Manaus in een gebied rond de Rio Urubu rivier. Hier bevind je je volledig geïsoleerd van de buitenwereld voor de ultieme ervaring. Off Roads Travel biedt een unieke kans om het Amazone regenwoud te ontdekken, verschillende activiteiten te doen en te overnachten in de jungle. De Amazone riviercruises bieden een unieke manier om te overnachten op de Amazone rivier en ondertussen alle schoonheden van het Amazone regenwoud te ontdekken.

Onze 3-6-daagse Amazone regenwoud reizen geven je de kans om jungletochten te maken, kanoën, wilde dieren te spotten en te kamperen in het Braziliaanse Amazonegebied.



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Onze tours vinden plaats op verschillende locaties. We hebben deze locaties gekozen omdat ze allemaal uniek zijn en allemaal hun eigen karakteristieke kenmerken hebben. Hier volgt een korte uitleg over de locaties en de tours die erbij horen.


Off Roads Travel is gespecialiseerd in full service Amazone reizen in Brazilië. Wij zijn een dochteronderneming van Ney Eco Adventures. Daarom werken we met gidsen die meer dan 20 jaar ervaring hebben en al honderden mensen de schoonheden van het Amazone regenwoud hebben laten zien.

We richten ons niet op het aanbieden van de goedkoopste of meest luxueuze Amazone regenwoud tours in Brazilië, maar op het simpelweg aanbieden van een authentieke Amazone regenwoud tour ervaring tegen een eerlijke prijs.

Wij verzorgen bestemmingen die passen bij jouw avontuurlijke en moedige geest. Ons doel is om mensen aan te moedigen meer in contact te komen met de interne en externe natuur en iedereen in staat te stellen te genieten van vrije tijd in de buitenlucht op plaatsen waar de meeste mensen niet komen.

Volledig afgesloten van de buitenwereld ontdek je hoe bijzonder het is om weer helemaal één te worden met de natuur en je omgeving. Het Amazone regenwoud is een van de meest unieke plekken ter wereld en de beste manier om dit te beseffen is door het zelf te ervaren met de Amazone reizen in Brazilië van Off Roads Travel.

Wij werken als tussenpersoon tussen jou en onze partner touroperators. Wij werken eraan om grote geesten samen te brengen.


Met onze Brazilië-reizen door de Amazone richten we ons op de echte onontdekte gebieden in het Amazone regenwoud voor de echte Off Roads Travel-ervaring.


We geven de voorkeur aan de persoonlijke ervaring door onze groepen klein te houden. Daarom is de maximale grootte 6 personen voor de echte persoonlijke ervaring.


Onze gidsen zijn geboren en getogen in de Amazone en laten reizigers al meer dan 20 jaar de schoonheid van de Amazone zien.