Who is my jungle guide in the amazon?

Meet Ney!

Ney is a born Amazonian. He knows the Amazon rainforest liek his own back garden. Ney started working as a jungle guide in 2000. To this day, he has shown around the rainforest to people from all around the world.


No matter how beautiful the Amazon rainforest is, without good guidance you will never get the most out of your stay in the jungle. That’s why Ney is the strength of our company!

Raised in the Amazon and therefore an expert in finding the hidden gems the jungle has to offer. With over 20 years of experience as a tour guide, a tour with Ney is never the same.

Ney is not only your guide but also your friend in the jungle. Always in a good mood, he knows how to get the best out of everyone every day. In addition to a lot of humor, Ney also has a lot of knowledge about all life in the jungle and he can tell you everything about the Amazon.


For years he has been receiving guests from all over the world in our lodge. During the time, he learned English and is able to tell you all about the animals and plants which are natives in the jungle. Besides showing you around the jungle, he is able to show you the river in which all kinds of fish and dolphins swim.Together with his lovely wife, he prepares the food every evening and ensures that everyone is fully prepared for the expedition. And you will also notice this during our tours and then you will understand why we are so happy with Ney!


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