How to get to Manaus?

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Located in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, Manaus is the gateway for tours to the Amazon jungle. Manaus has an airport that can receive full-size jet aircrafts and is connected to wildlife tourist destinations by paved highways and larger riverboats.

Most tourists arrive in Manaus by plane. From here they often take a taxi to the port. This is often the starting point of most jungle tours. Guests are taken by boat to the junge lodges located on the river edge. Wildlife ecotourism excursions can be booked before and after arrival in Manaus, through tour agents that operate indirectly online and directly via local branches. Tour guides and boat operators are employed to accompany tourists on excursions. 

Are you planning to visit Manaus and want to see the highlights that the city and the surrounding area have to offer? Read them here

Flights From Europe

If you want to fly from Europa to the Amazon, there are no direct flights. All flights go via Sao Paolo (GRU) or Rio de Janeiro (GIG). From this destination it is possible to book a direct flight to Manaus. The name of the airport you need to fly to is Manaus International Airport AM Eduardo Gomes.

Flights From North America

From North America there are some direct flights to the Brazilian Amazon (Manaus). The first option is from Florida. It is possible to fly from either Miami or Orlando to Manaus. The second option is to fly from Panama city directly to Manaus. 

Flights In Brazil

Brazil is as you might know a big country. This is why there are a lot of flights within the country itself. In Brazil there are a lot of places which have a flight-connection to Manaus. Good flight companies where you can book your flight tickets to the Amazon are LATAM, AZUL or GOL. Most of the time ticket prices are under the $100

What do I need to bring to enter Brazil?

During the corona pandemic there are some requirements to enter the country. To enter Brazil from a foreign country you need to take a PCR test or rapid test which shows that you are not carrying the corona virus. Besides this you need a health-declaration. The form you need is downloadable from the following website:

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