What to bring to the Amazon Rainforest?

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For an Amazon adventure trip everyone should pack accordingly. Even though Amazon Rainforest tours and Amazon river cruises have varying amenities and comfort levels, most jungle excursions are very similar. So whether it’s bird watching in the early hours, trekking through the rainforest looking for wildlife, kayaking on the Amazon River, or relaxing in the camp in the evenings, your jungle gear will be similar.

Unfortunately, knowing what to pack to the rainforest can be difficult.That’s why we want to help you with our experience so we made you a jungle gear packing list & best clothing for tropical rainforest!

Jungle Gear Amazon rainforest tours Manaus

Jungle gear packing list


  1. Good shoes to walk through the jungle (waterproof recommended)
  2. Quick drying shirts and shorts
  3. Flip-flops (for in the camp)
  4. Binoculars to observe all the animals
  5. Personal medication (such as anti malaria pills)
  6. Personal water bottle(s)
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Daypack for hiking
  9. Sun lotion
  10. Rain poncho and other rain gear (especially in rain season)
  11. Good camera to make pictures of the wildlife
  12. Hat or cap against the rain and sun (also good against flying insects) 
  13. Strong insect repellent 
  14. Swimwear 
  15. Flashlight
  16. Sweater for when the temperature decreases at night

1. Shoes

Actually, almost all types of shoes are suitable for hiking in the Amazon rainforest. However, we recommend waterproof and sturdy shoes. This is mainly due to the fact that the Amazon has many wet areas and it often rains. This ensures that you often have wet feet for a longer period of time. To prevent this, waterproof shoes will be a solution. Sturdy shoes are also important because in the rainforest you have to deal with many insects, reptiles and plants that can sting. By wearing sturdy shoes you reduce the chance of standing on something that could hurt your feet. This is an important part of your jungle outfit.

2. Quick drying shirts & shorts

Because the climate in the Amazon is hot and humid, it is important that you have clothes that can dry quickly .Because you don’t always have the chance to change them again and you don’t want to walk around in wet clothes all day. We also recommend wearing long-sleeved shirts as important jungle clothes, so that you are well protected against the sun, insects and sharp plants. Long pants protect you best against insects and sharp objects, but short pants can also be great in the heat so add them to your jungle outfit!

3. Flip flops or sandals

When you think of jungle gear you don’t immediately think of slippers but there is nothing better than taking off your shoes when you return to camp in the evening after a long day in the jungle. That is why it is useful to bring slippers or sandals that you can walk on in the camp. This way you can move around the camp most comfortably without having to walk barefoot.

Amazon Rainforest Tours Manaus

4. Binoculars

Because most of the animals are high in the trees, it is good to have binoculars with you. Many birds and monkeys are best seen when you have binoculars with you so add them to your jungle gear.

5. Personal medication

It is advisable to research well in advance which medicines you want to take with you to the jungle. In the Amazon area, malaria pills are recommended. In addition, it might be wise to bring a personal first aid box.

6. Personal waterbottle(s)

Since it is very hot and humid in the Amazon rainforest, you lose a lot of sweat in one day. That is why it is very important that you drink enough in a day. A personal water bottle is therefore ideal. During the day you can even refill it in the natural water sources the rainforest has to offer.

Natural drink sources Amazon rainforest tours Brazil

7. Sunglasses

During your stay in the jungle you will spend a lot of time on the Amazon River. Because the sun can shine brightly, it is advisable to bring sunglasses and add it to your Amazon Rainforest outfit.

8. (Waterproof) Daypack for hiking

Since you will be hiking in the Amazon rainforest, it is useful to bring your own backpack in which you can store your most important items. Think of your camera, water bottle, some food for the road ,your binoculars and other jungle gear. Especially in the rainy season, but also throughout the year, you have a high chance of getting (partially) wet during your activities. A waterproof bag is definitely recommended. If it suddenly rains very hard or you have to cross a river, you can be sure that your most important belongings will remain dry.

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9. Sun lotion

Due to the tropical climate, there is a lot of sun in the Amazon rainforest. Because you spend a lot of time on open waters, it is important that you do not forget to apply good sunscreen!

10. Rain poncho and other rain gear

Especially in the rainy season it is really recommended to bring good rain gear. These days it can rain several times a day for a few hours and you still want to stay as dry as possible during your tour.

11. Good camera & portable charger

When you are in the magical Amazon rainforest you want to capture those moments on camera, of course. Make sure you have a good camera or mobile phone with you that you can always store in your (waterproof) backpack. In the lodge there is a power generator that turns on every evening for a few hours with which you can charge all your electrical equipment. That is why it is also useful to take a portable charger with you that you can use during the day when the generating set is not switched on.

Breakfeast in the Jungle Lodge

12. Hat or cap against the sun and insects

The tropical rainforest is the perfect climate for insects. Regardless of what season you are in the Amazon, it is a good idea to wear a cap or hat to keep the insects away from your face and neck. A headgear also offers good protection against the bright sun.

13. Strong insects repellent

A strong insect repellent is important to keep insects and especially mosquitoes away. In the Amazon region there are mosquitoes that can transmit malaria, dangee or yellow fever. That is why it is important to apply insect repellent every morning and evening. This keeps the mosquitoes and other insects away.

14. Swimwear

In and around the camp there are plenty of opportunities for a nice swim during the day. That is why it is useful to bring swimming gear so that you can cool down in the Amazon River on hot days.

Canoe at the camp Rio nUrubu Amazon Jungle Tours

15. Flashlight

Since it gets dark early in the Amazon and there is only electricity for a few hours in the camp, it is really important to bring a flashlight. This way you can still provide sufficient light in the camp, but also in your lodge. A strong flashlight can also be used to spot animals in the dark by shining on their eyes. With a good flashlight, their eyes reflect and you can discover animals that you don’t see during the day!

16. Sweaters for in the evening

When the sun sets, it can quickly drop a few degrees in temperature in the Amazon. Even though the average temperature is still quite warm, the temperature difference will make it a lot cooler in the evening. Therefore always make sure you have 1 or 2 sweaters to spend the evenings nice and warm.

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