Why are we unique?

With this page we want to inform people about our company culture. We want to let people know how our company came to be and how we hope to continue to grow in the future. So if you are interested please read along. 

Even though the name and website ‘Off Roads Travel’ is very new, our company culture goes back a long way. The original cooperation came about when a Dutch traveller travelled to the Amazon region in the year 2012. He booked a tour with a tour operator who at that time did tours in the area around Manaus. During this tour he met a Brazilian tour guide, Rosiney, who told him all about the flora and fauna of the Amazon. The tour guide himself grew up in the Amazon above Manaus and knows all about nature. The two gentlemen agreed that most tours around Manaus were very touristic and most did not give a realistic view of the real Amazon rainforest. The Amazon where the animals had not yet become accustomed to humans and where you can experience the pure silence of the jungle. They also thought that more people should have the opportunity to have this wonderful experience. This created a partnership between the two and the company NEY Eco Adventures was established.

What started as an idea developed over the next few years into a company that has already shown thousands of individuals the Amazon. During the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Manaus was one of the playing cities. During this tournament, the company had the opportunity to establish itself permanently. 

We have also had more difficult moments. During the pandemic in 2021, the company was unable to receive tourists for a long time and this was difficult for us. During this time, the company had time to think and we came up with a new brand “Off Roads Travel”. Off Roads Travel is a sister company to NEY Eco Adventures and exists alongside each other

With this new brand we try to establish ourselves more widely in the international market and to spread the message of NEY Eco Adventures on a broader scale. The goal of the new brand is to appeal to the type of adventurer who is not easily scared and can respect another person’s existence in body and mind. We think this is where freedom and creativity come from. We try to show the purity of the Amazon both physically in the Amazon and through our social media channels. In this way we can also show people who are not yet ready for the jungle to get a taste of the Amazon. In addition, we stand for connection. We hope to connect many adventurers in a place where it is not very common. We are a view into the real jungle as a getaway from the “modern jungle”. 

We look forward to assisting you in your travels.

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Our objective is to offer off-road experiences to courageous and adventurous travellers in an honest and transparent way. 


Our vision is to encourage people to be more in contact with the internal and external nature and see what nature has to offer apart from the known.